Mim had her own mobile hairdressing business for many years in Melbourne.  Her life changed forever when the police called to inform Mim that one of her clients, a middle-aged man, was suspected of killing up to 6 women.  Since testifying at one of his trials, Mim is too traumatised to work as a hairdresser.  Her client is in jail and she is in counselling.


Lance has been an Embalmer for the past 18 years, and loves the creative freedom his clients allow for.   Hair height is an important factor when styling ‘a decease’.  His most used product is hair spray and favoured tool, the curling wand.


Gaby is a teenager whose afro and dark skin suggest an African heritage.  But as she reveals, both her parents are white, leaving her to wonder if her Father, who died when she was 3 years old, really was the French Diplomat her mother says he was.  Does she really know the truth about her past at all? 


28-year-old Esther Berry is a Canadian/Australian academic who explains the horrific nature of hair and its zombie-like status, both alive & dead.  Esther discusses hair as the constant wardrobe that makes us ‘ever locatable.’ 


After having Cancer three times, Yiota’s hair has remarkably grown back 10 times over. Yiota recounts her theory on why aliens tell us something about the purpose of human hair and how baldness made her rethink who she was and what she might become.


Margaret is a captivating eccentric, for whom hair has become a creative medium.  She has made a corset out of the hair of close friends and her own dreadlocks, and a hair death mask in memory of her deceased brother.  Margaret has a hairdressing phobia and cuts her own hair, all of which she has kept over the past 10 years.


A professional waxer, hair for Gilly has strong associations with growing up on a farm.  On first seeing her mother’s pubic hair, she was convinced “Mum had chook feathers… down there.”  Ripping hair off men’s pubic regions also brings back fond memories of life on the land.  “It’s just like crutching sheep.”


A true self believer, hairdresser Daniel offers two different hair styles; the ‘get Eff’d’, or the ‘Eff-off’. Having been bald since 19 Daniel’s motto, tattooed on his neck, explains what his style is all about: ‘Direction, Passion, Aggression’.


In her 7th decade, Jane dispenses advice to women in their ‘senior’ years; while the body starts to sag, hair should fight gravity by remaining ‘up and back’.  Going white has been a liberating experience for Jane, and she intends to continue growing old as disgracefully as possible.


A 71 year old ‘Jew from Calcutta’, Sam is a hair regrowth specialist, who claims to have saved hundreds of people from suicide by restoring hair to their heads and love in their hearts.  A bald man himself, he believes men without hair are accident-prone and selfish.


Suzy has a mane of frizzy hair that has always been a conflict.  It is an attribute which proudly represents her Egyptian heritage, but drives her wild with its untameable bulk. She hates her hair representing who she is and never wears it out in public.