Perhaps you know these characters already.  A hairdresser, a teenager with an afro, a cancer survivor.  But you’ve never heard stories like these before.  Mysterious tales unravel themselves slowly in this irreverent yet intimate, strange and revealing portrait of 12 individuals whose personal and professional lives have been changed forever through hair.

Like fingerprints, hair is a unique signifier of identity and personal history.  The strange and at times startling connections this film’s characters have with hair reveal long-held secrets and life-changing experiences.  However, Hairtales is as irreverent as it is intense.  From mysteries of true paternity to brushes with a serial killer. 

From a prized corset made entirely out of dreadlocks to a hair-growth specialist convinced that bald men are accident prone.  Hairtales is a series of interconnected strands where tears & trauma, hope & hilarity are all tangled up into one celebration of the human experience.   

A Photoplay Films Production

Directed by: Scott Otto Anderson & Cath Moore

Written by: Cath Moore

Produced by: Oliver Lawrance

Duration: 61 min (55 min TV version)


Premiere Screening on ABC1

9.30pm Thursday 20th November 2008