Directed by

Cath Moore & Scott Otto Anderson

Written by

Cath Moore

Produced by

Oliver Lawrance


Oliver Lawrance

Art Direction

Halcyon Pratt

Edited by

Andrew Soo

Music by

Kyls Burtland


Mim D'Alberto

Suzy Badawi

Lance Proctor

Gaby Ledun

Margaret Mayhew

Esther Berry

Dr David Salinger

Yiota Kokkoris

Sam Cohen

Gilly Harriott

Jane Scott

Daniel Mostyn

Production Manager

Daisy Bray

Production Assistant / Researcher

Nicolas McKenzie

Camera Assistants / Gaffers

Andrew Ward

Mark Collins

Chris Bland

High-speed Camera Operator

Craig Deeker

Time-lapse Photography

Scott Otto Anderson

Sound Recordists

Rainier Davenport

Mario Pellegrino

Jake Brown

Art Department Assistants

Nicolas McKenzie

Colin Elphick

Sound Design & Mix

Brendan Woithe      

Sound Editor

Geri Green

Post Production

Cutting Edge

Online Editor                          

Heather Galvin

Post Production Co-ordinator     

Alison Ingram

Assistant Editor

Howard Higgs


Cameron D’Arcy


Jeremiah Wolf

Titles Design

Scott Otto Anderson


Stephanie Anderson


Lloyd Hart Lawyers


Jill Dures

Two Hard Basket


FIUA Pty Ltd.

Hair Artwork

Helen Pynor


Artist: Helen Pynor

Collector: Lachlan Astle

Hair Shaving Artist

Samir Samaali

Archival footage supplied by:

Film Australia Library

Internet Moving Images Archive in association with Prelinger Archives

Australian Trichologist Centre

International Association of  Trichologists

Institute of Hair Regrowth & Beauty


Cameron Paulinich, Denieal Williams, Helen Pynor, Christine Johnston, Doris Limnos, Rita Kalneais, Nikki Savvides, Amal Badawi, Eva Glick, Timmy Rubin, Daniel Green, Jasmine Dandas, Richie Lipp, James Robertson & Liz Brooks (AFP Forensic & Technical Services), Elizabeth Arthur, Judith Schuback, Lee Skeggs (Stylus Hair Salon), Melissa Giardini (Doppelganger Hair), Lee Ann Suthern (Toni & Guy Newtown), Samir Samaali, Carlos Heng, Chadi Nehme (Chad’s Hair Design), Les Smooth, Film Australia, Stephanie Anderson, Linda Kearns at InFestation, The Royal Botanic Gardens Trust, Angela Bray, Florence Tourbier & Independent Films.

ABC Commissioning Editor

Amanda Duthie

ABC Executive Producer

Ruth Cullen

AFC Project Manager

Karin Altmann

Produced in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Produced in association with the Australian Film Commission

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